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About us

Chi Siamo

About us

Around twenty Italian Assistive Technology centers, since 1996, cooperate in an Interregional Working Group (GLIC). These Center are stable not for profit entities, public or private, without commercial interests. They started a technical-scientific discussion and a permanent collaboration on common topics. The GLIC centers, starting from the GLIC Position Paper (2015), despite differences at local level, all provide common services package such as information, advice, support, training/research, and are equipped with a work team, technologies and solutions for different problems of autonomy in life contexts. Such Network leverage the collaboration between the Centers to extend the impact of technology on the quality of life of people with disabilities. Since technologies are available, it is necessary to move from a phase of experimentation to a phase of empowerment, allowing a real usability of tools and services.


  1. It’s a federation of different entities
  2. Each and every Centre has different specificities
  3. They undertake to adopt common principles and methodologies
  4. Best practice and experiences continuous exchange
Finalità e ambiti di intervento del GLIC

GLIC Vision and Mission

GLIC Centres vision is to develop a common framework where technology and services know how grow thanks to a continuous exchange

GLIC Centres Mission

  1. the empowerment and enhancement of all Centres
  2. networking and integration of resources between centres;
  3. spread an AT culture, dissemination of knowledge
  4. continuous professionals training and education
  5. research and field training
  6. models transferability, also aimed at the creation of new centers, services, etc.;
  7. activation of collaborations and joint projects with:
  • public institutions to support the revision or the implementation of new regulations tailored on the real needs
  • associations or other entities of persons with disabilities, to define criteria and methods for the provision of services and for greater participation of disabled people in the decision-making and implementation process related to the adoption of assistive technology;
  • entities from the assistive technology business space to promote a real usability of the AT and a mediated and fruitful link between producer-distributor and end user.